About us

VBprint is a young and creative company focused to deliver unique custom prints & gifts to small / medium businesses and individuals alike. We all love making gifts but let’s face it, sometimes you run out of ideas. This never happens here, we always work on creating new and fun designs and we are also ready to help you create your own custom logo. We have made this very easy, you can use our CUSTOM PERSONALIZATOR and create your own t-shirt or gift.
Our graphic designer combines with creativity a lot of elements that you will only find on our website. The entire team is dedicated to one thing alone, that is to create the kind of designs they would also wear and this is why we are your best choice, we treat you the same way we would like to be treated.
With that in mind you need to know that our entire team is focused on creating unique designs for you, we use the best fabric on the market, our products are bio ftriendly, we use latest technoloy on the market and all our employess are constantly keeping track with the trends so we know you will never be out of fashion! 🙂

For small/medium companies we can arrange special deals depending on the size of your order, complexity, etc. For more information about our offer please contact us via email or telephone.

VBprint thanks your for taking your time to read our short description and welcomes you to continue shopping or use our custom personalizator to create something unique in your own style!

customization methods we use


Flex pressure is the techique of printing to a fabric by placing a paper thin foil under high pressure and temperature. The design looks stylish and is a little shiny and clean. This print is known for it durability and resistance to wax, this tehnique is recommended for text and fully colored designs. Up to three different colors can be used in your custom design.


Flex’s older brother is the Flock Pressure technique which even if is simillar to the flex one comes with a few changes. A thicker fooil is used and thanks to it the result is a high quality, thin at touch surface. This tehnique is one of the top choices thanks to its durability. It can be used for both text and graphic designs and the maximum number of colors is set to three as long as they don’t layer each other in the design.


Digital print is the process of printing your custom design or photograph on a varity of things like t-shirts, mugs, phone covers, moused pads, etc. For the best quality printing the only background we currently accept has to be a light one (white, gray, nature, water, etc)

Direct Pressure

Direct Pressure is probably the POSH choice as it is pricy and quite rare. Due to its complexity this techinque and only be used on small items, their durability and quality are top of the line. It can be done on any kind of color or background.


Sublimation Printing is the technique that places your designs onto a special transfer paper and then to your fabric using a heat-pressed head that transfers the print from the paper to the fabric. It is known to be the best options for jackets,vests, tshirt and blouses or any polyester clothing items. Quality and durability are another reason why many oour clients love this technique.