Terms of Use The small print Welcome to VBprint registered place of business is WESTERMARK 10 7245 DC LAREN (GLd) Netherlands, CEO V. Danalache, KVK NUMMBER 68896476, BTW NUMMBER NL537862419B01These are the Terms of Service of VBprint.nl By your registration, you accept the following Terms of Service of VBprint. The general trading agreements thereby become components of the final contract between you and VBprint. Here are the company contact details Phone & Whatsapp: +31 (0) 627 004 004 e-mail: info@VBprint.nl Terms and conditions of use 1. Scope 1.1 In the context of the VBprint shops the following general trading conditions apply in the version valid at the time of your order. 1.2 General trading conditions of the customer are hereby explicitly not accepted. Discrepancies from these Terms & Conditions are only valid if confirmed by us in written form. If the written form is agreed to, the written form is needed to change it. Oral agreements are not applicable. 1.3 Consumers in the sense of our Terms & Conditions are natural persons, who make legal transactions for purposes, which cannot be added to their commercial nor their independent vocational activity (§ 13 BGB). 1.4 Entrepreneurs in the sense of our Terms & Condition are legal and natural persons, who act in practice of their vocational or independent activity at the time of conclusion of a legal transaction (§ 14 BGB). 2. Offer, closure and invoicing 2.1 At VBprint the orderer can order around the clock, also on weekends, on-line. Our offers are always non-binding, to be understood only as a request for the delivery of an offer. The contract is closed, if the purchase order form filled out duly by the orderer is confirmed by VBprint by means of email. Contents of our confirmation of order is obligatory. For the range of the supply the written confirmation of order is reference. 2.2 Obvious mistakes, writen, printed and calculation errors are not obligatory on us. If the VBprint website nevertheless should exhibit a not obvious error, as for instance a writing or a calculation error, we reserve the right to later charge the correct price. In this case we grant an immediate right of resignation fom the contract to the orderer, if he should not agree with the new price, as far as the supplied commodity was not an article manufactured by special request of the orderer. The rights of the orderer after the remote trading law are considered as remaining untouched. 2.3 Samples, as long as not agreed on differently , are seen as approximate samples to quality, dimension and color. 2.4 The charging of the customer is preferably done by email. The customer receives the invoice in a printable form. If the orderer is entrepreneur the following applies: 2.5 For entrepreneurs we are only responsible for such public statements, in particular in advertisements, which were arranged by us or on which we explicitly taken reference to at the closing of contract, in such cases of public statements arranged by us the obligation only exists if this also actually affected the purchase decision of the commercial orderer. 3. Shipping, handling, passing of risk 3.1 Means of delivery is left to our choice. The packing takes place not by item, but exclusively by transportation and technical, as well as environmentalpolitical criterias. The length of the packet is always determined by the larger measure of the unit. 3.2 Re-usable packing units are made avaliable to the orderer only on loan. The return of the packing units is to be indicated to us within 3 weeks in written form by the orderer. If this is omitted,it is justified for us to demand loan fees or the value of the packing retroactively, which becomes due immediately on receipt of demand.In addition to that the points 3.3 to 3.6 apply to entrepreneurs: 3.3 Our deliveries take place from stock or factory. With the delivery of the commodity to the transportation leader – no matter whether it is assigned by us, the orderer or the manufacturer – the danger is transferred to the orderer. This applies also with part as well as franked deliveries. With distribution by our vehicles the danger is transferred to the orderer, as soon as the commodity is made avaliable at the place indicated by him. 3.4 If the delivery is delayed due to the desire or to the blame for the orderer, then the commodity is stored at expense and danger of the orderer. In this case the announcement that the delivey is ready stands for the dispatch directly. With storage the invoice is due. 3.5 If transport with own vehicle or with foreign vehicles is accomplished, the delivery of the commodity is considered as accomplished at the latest, as soon as it is at the disposal of the receiver before the delivery place on a fastened roadway and on the car. If the approach road is not passable in opinion of the deliverers, the delivery takes place where the problem-free arrival and departure of the vehicle is ensured. 3.6 If the orderer in deviation from the contractual agreements requires assistance with unloading (including unloading device), further transport or using, then this expenditure is charged for additionally. The co-operation with this work means no assumption of an additional adhesion or danger, however. 4. Times for delivery and delay 4.1 If not an expressly as obligatorily designated written promise on our part or a verbal promise of the management and/or a from us illimitably authorized person is avaliable, the time of delivery is considered as only approximately agreed upon. It begins with the day of the clarification of all technical and other details of the order, the provision of all necessary documents and the pre-payment, if one was agreed upon. It extends by the period in that the orderer is in delay with his contract obligations – within a current business relation also from other contracts – VBprint strives to deliver within one 30 days. The can legally  cancel the order within 14 days without giving a reason from order confirmation. 4.2 A time for delivery and/or execution extends – also within a delay – appropriately with entrance of higher force and all unexpected obstacles that occurr after conclusion of a contract, which we (in particular also operational disturbances, strikes, lockout or disturbance of the traffic routes) do not have to represent, as far as such obstacles are provable to be of substantial influence on the intended execution and/or supply. This applies, even if these circumstances occur at our pre-deliverers, vendors or subcontractors. We inform the orderer of beginning and end of such obstacles as soon as possible. The orderer can require the explanation of us whether we withdraw or plan to deliver within an appropriate period. If we do not explain ourselves immediately, the orderer can withdraw. Claims for damages are excluded in these cases. 4.3 For deliveries which have been omitted or delayed by the fault of our pre-deliverers, we are in not responsible. We commit ourselves however to delegate claims against the pre-deliverers to the orderer. 4.4 If facts, in particular delay of payment regarding earlier supplies, become avaliable to us after conclusion of a contract, which suggest a substantial fortune degradation after dutiful commercial discretion, we are entitled to refuse services until the return or appropriate security for our service is carried out. If we are obligated to the payment in advance, an appropriate security for our services can be required by us. For this case an appropriate period can be intended by us, in which our contracting party has to provide after its choice the return, and/or the achievement of appropriate security. At expiration of the period set by us we are entitled to withdraw from the contract. Partial deliveries by us are in this case due for payment. 4.5 Part deliveries and partial deliveries are permissible to reasonable extent. We can demand progress payments to appropriate extent. 4.6 If the orderer does not accept the supplied commodity, VBprint is entitled to withdraw from the contract or demand payment of damages because of not fulilling the contract. after an unsuccessful respite of two weeks. 4.7 The supplied goods are to be accepted by the orderer also in cases of insignificant imperfections without prejudice to its warranty laws. 5. Data Security 5.1 The orderer is hereby informed of the fact that, in the context of business activities, we treat the won personal data and for the conclusion of business necessary orderer data considering the federal data security law (BDSG) and the Tele-service data protection law (TDDSG) confidentially. 5.2 Furthermore, the orderer is informed that VBprint uses the services of the IDCOM GmbH & Co KG, Edisonallee 5, 89231 Neu-Ulm in the context of contract execution. With registration the orderer expresses his agreement on the transmission of his personal data to the IDCOM GmbH & Co KG for the purpose of storage, processing and use, as far as this is necessary for contract execution and in-house information. The transmission, storage and use take place under adherence to the regulations of the Federal Law for Data Protection (BDSG) and the Tele-service data protection law (TDDSG). VBprint commits itself not to pass on the raised personal data in this paragraph to not designated third parties for the purpose of advertisement or market and public opinion polls. 6. Price/maturity/payment/set-off 6.1 The prices are in EUROS plus packing, freight and other forwarding expenses, as well as the valid VAT rate in each case. 6.2 Discounts, discount payments etc. require expressive agreement. 6.3 With our price calculations we assume the positions defined at the time of the lodging of tenders remain unchanged, necessary pre-working has been completed and we can furnish our services in one course – without handicap. 6.4 If the delivery or service should occur four months after contract conclusion or later, then we are entitled to add, increases of costs, wages, etc. to the agreed upon price and to increase the price at height of the cost increase. 6.5 We are entitled to require progress payments if our service is delayed beyond the agreed upon period without our blame. 6.6 All payments (the purchase price in particular) are due at the latest with delivery of the commodity and to be paid immediately. All payments always become the payment of the oldest due invoice plus the related interest on debts that has resulted. 6.7 The agreement of a later maturity and/or the deferment of payment of the purchase price requires written agreement. 6.8 Payments in so called cheque exchange procedures always require special written agreement. Credit notes over changes and cheques take place minus expenses with validity of the day at which we can have the equivalent. 6.9 Our demands become immediately due independent of the running time of taken and credited change, if the terms of payment are not kept or facts become known, which suggest a substantial fortune degradation of the orderer. In the latter case we are entitled to make further supplies of a advance payment or the supply of appropriate security. Furthermore we are entitled to recall, discounts and other privileges – even if they are not openly proven on the calculation. 6.10 If the orderer is in delay of payment or if he does not redeem a change with maturity, we are entitled to retrieve the supplied commodity, if necessary by entering the enterprise of the orderer and taking it away. In addition we can forbid the further sale and removing of the supplied commodity. The retrieving is not a cancellation of the contract, if the consumer credit law application does not apply. 6.11 In the cases of the sections 6,09 and 6,10 we can revoke the direct debit authorization (section 7,6) and require advance payments for still pending deliveries. The orderer however can turn these away, as well as the legal consequences specified in section 6,10 by security at height of our endangered pecuniary claim. 6.12 A set-off in relation to our requirements is permissible only with undisputed or validly determined counterclaims. A right of lien from earlier or other business of the current business relation cannot be made valid. One-sided calculation departures for the disposal of packing material, in particular transportation packing, are not permitted. 6.13 VBprint is not committed to to more than three delivery attempts. Thereby developing extra costs are to be carried by orderer. If the orderer is an entrepreneur following furthermore applies: 6.14 An entrepreneur comes into delay at the latest, if he does not make payment within 30 days after entrance of the invoice or an other summons to pay. If the time of the entrance of the invoice or payment exhibition is uncertain, the 30-day period until maturity begins with receipt of the service. If the orderer is consumer following furthermore applies: 6.15 If the orderer is consumer in the sense of § 13 BGB, he is expressively informed that the purchase price is due immediately with entrance of the invoice. The orderer comes into delay at the latest, if he does not pay within 30 days after entrance of the invoice. Independently of the entrance of the invoice the 30-day period begins with the receipt of the goods. The height of the interests results from §§ 288 Abs. 1, 247 BGB. 7. Retention of title 7.1 We reserve ownership rights on the commodity up to the complete payment of the purchase price. With goods, which the orderer receives from us in the context of his commercial activity, we reserve ownership rights, until all our all demands from the business relation, including in the future developing demands – also contracts concluded at the same time or later – are settled. This also applies, if some or all demands were taken up to a current invoice by us and the balance is pulled and recognised. 7.2 If, in connection with the payment of the purchase price by the orderer, a changing responsibility is resoned by us, then the retention of title does not expire before redemption of the change by the orderer. 7.3 The orderer has to inform us immediately of possible access of third parties to the reserved commodity and the retired demands. He may only sell the reserved commodity only in the usual course of business to its normal trading conditions and so long he is not in delay, provided that the demands from the further sale reverts to us in accordance with section 7,4 of our general trading agreements. He is not entitled to other control over the reserved commodity. 7.4 The orderer gives the demands from further sale of the reserved commodity to us. 7.5 If the orderer sells the reserved commodity along with other goods not supplied by us, the demand from the further sale is given to us in the relationship of the invoice amount of our commodity to the other sold goods. 7.6 The orderer is entitled to draw in demands from further sale, unless we recall the direct debit authorization in the cases specified in section 6,11. On our demand he is obligated to inform his customers immediately of the transfer to us – if we do not do that – and give us the information and documents necessary (e.g. names and addresses of its debtors) for collection . The orderer is in no case entitled to further transfer of the demand (e.g. to banks). 7.7 A transfer in the way of genuine factoring is permitted to the orderer only under the condition, that factoring bank and the accounts of the orderer maintained there are made known to us, and that the factoring proceeds exeed the value of our secured demand. With the crediting of the factoring proceeds our demand will be due instantly. 7.8 Upon the request of the orderer, we commit ourselves to release the safeties of our choice entitled to us to that extent so that their realizable value exceeds the demands which can be secured by 20 percent. 8. Guarantee/Problems For deficiencies in the sense of § 434 BGB we are responsible as follows: 8.1 The orderer is solely responsible if rights are hurt by the execution of his order, in particular copyrights of third parties. The orderer has to exempt VBprint from all claims of third parties concernint such law breaking. VBprint can demand proof on the authorization of the use of foreign rights of the use of a name and/or copyrights opposite the orderer at any time. 8.2 The orderer may not breach legal prohibitions, the good customs and rights of third parties (name -, authors -, data protection laws etc..) with form, contents or pursued purpose of his desired imprints. In particular the orderer commits himself not to order pornografic, violence glorifying or racist contents as text print, not to call up to commit criminal offences or to give guidances for this. 8.3 The breach of form, contents or pursued purpose, of the imprint desired by the orderer, against legal prohibitions, the good customs and rights of third parties (name -, authors -, data protection laws etc..) places no deficiency in commodity or legality, which VBprint has to represent. Requirements for material defect in consequence of such a fact do not exist. 8.4 Obvious, in particular visible deficiency, of the supplied commodity, including transport damages, must have a complaint lodged in writing, by fax or by email, at the latest within one week after receipt of the supply, under specification of the deficiency. As far as a deficiency of the product is present with passage of the risk, VBprint is entitled to later fulfilment in form of deficiency removal or supply of a new, faultless product. In this case of deficiency removal, VBprint is committed to all expenditures, in particular transport, work and material costs necessary for the purpose of the deficiency removal, as far as these do not increase by the fact that the product was brought to another place than the place of delivery. In the case of a replacement delivery, the orderer is committed to give back the deficient item on request. If the deficiency cannot be repaired within an appropriate period, the later fulfilment is connected with disproportionate costs, regarded unreasonable or seen as unsuccessful for other reasons, then the orderer is entitled to either withdraw from the contract or reduce the purchase price. With only slight deficiency however no right of withdrawl is entitled to the contracting party. 8.5 Characteristics of the products are not assured of by VBprint, unless the warranty expressively confirmed. 8.6 With transport damage the commodity is to be left in the condition, in which it was when the damage was recognised. If the orderer is entrepreneur the following applies furthermore: 8.6 Toward entrepreneurs we are responsible only for such public statements, in particular in advertising, which were arranged by us or on which we expressively took reference to at contract conclusion, in such cases of the public statements arranged by us there only exists an obligation if this also actually affected the purchase decision of the commercial orderer. 8.7 With entitled objections we are entitled to specify the kind of the later fulfilment (replacement or rework), with consideration of the kind of deficiency and the entitled interest of the orderer. 8.8 With a purchase of used goods by an entrepreneur the requirements for material defect are impossible. The requirements for material defect of goods newly manufactured by entrepreneurs with the purchase fall under the statute of limitations in 12 months. For our orderers, who are consumers, the legal guarantee period for used goods amounts to 12 months. For the redundancy of deficiency claims on the sale of goods to a consumer, the requirements of law applies. This also applies as far as we are responsible due to other laws compellingly. 8.9 Differences of the delivered goods in colour, surface and strength of submitted patterns can only be reprimanded by the customer, if the variation in traffic is considered to be material. Raw material-related deviations in colour or surface or strength are expressly reserved. Should there be a shortage at one of our suppliers, we reserve the right to an equivalent item to be delivered. 9. Requirements for compensation Damage and requirements for expenditure allowance of the orderer (in the following claims for damages), no matter from which argument, in particular because of the neglect of obligations from an obligation or from bad action, are impossible. This does not apply in the cases of the assumption of a warranty or a procurement risk, with a responsibility on basis of the product liability law, with the injury of life, body and health of a person in the case of rough negligence and/or the injury of substantial contract obligations. The claim for damages for the neglect of substantial contract obligations is limited on substitution of the contract-typical, foreseeable damage, as far as this was not caused by rough negligence, and/or an injury was caused to life, body or health of a person. A change of the burden of proof to the disadvantage of the orderer is not connected with this. 10. Returns 10.1 Printed matter is a customized product. The right of withdrawal does not apply because we can not resell the product. You can send non-personalized products back. You have the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days without giving any reason. The withdrawal period expires 14 days after the day on which you or a third party designated by you, who is not the carrier, physically seize the good. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, you must inform us by means of an unambiguous statement (for example, in writing, by post or by e-mail) that the agreement will be revoked. This can be done by sending us an e-mail stating your order number to info@vbprint.nl. In order to comply with the withdrawal period, it is sufficient to send your communication regarding your exercise of the right of withdrawal before the withdrawal period has expired. 10.2 If you cancel the agreement, you will receive all payments you have made up to that moment (with the exception of any additional costs resulting from your choice for a different method of delivery than the cheapest standard delivery we offer) without delay and in any case. no later than 14 days after we have been informed of your decision to withdraw from the contract, from us back. We will pay you back with the same payment method with which you made the original transaction, unless you have expressly agreed otherwise. As soon as we have received the goods, we will refund. You must return the goods to us without delay, but in any case no later than 30 days after the day on which you decide to cancel the agreement, return it to us or hand it over to us. The direct costs of returning the goods are at your expense. 11. Transfer The transfer of requirements which are entitled to the orderer from the business relations with us, is impossible. 12. Area of jurisdiction, area of execution, applicable law 12.1 For the case that the orderer does not have a domicile or a usual place of residence in netherlands during complaint filing or VBprint does not know this, and/or the orderer is a Merchant, public special estate or a legal entity of the public right, Neu Ulm is designated as area of jurisdiction. This applies to all disputes which are due from contractual relations. 12.2 For contracts with buyers, legal entities of the public right and public special estates, the place of delivery for supply and payment as well as area of jurisdiction is designated as our registered place of business in Neu Ulm. VBprint is however also justified to sue the orderer at its legal area of jurisdiction. 12.3The right of the Federal Republic of netherlands applies. Collision norms as well as the convention of the United Nations over international goods purchase (CISG) do not apply. 12.4 As far as the orderer is consumer, the right of the Federal Republic of netherlands applies, as far as no compelling laws, in particular consumer protection regulations, oppose. 13. Salvatori clause If a determination of these Terms of Service is ineffective, the remaining regulations remain unaffected by it. In this case, the Contracting Parties commit themselves, the ineffective regulation is considered as replaced by such a regulation, which economically comes nearest to the sense and purpose of the ineffective regulation in in a juristically effective way. The same applies to possible regulation gaps.